A New Age for Wine

Credit: Comstock’s Magazine

Credit: Comstock’s Magazine

Despite eclipsing $70 billion in value in 2018, the U.S. wine industry is made up mostly of small- to mid-sized, family-owned wineries that haven’t yet tapped into the marketing power of digital tools, she says. But Serrato believes her Davis-based startup, PairAnything, is a bridge between the organic, age-old world of wine culture and the technology of today. The platform in the works helps wineries connect with customers beyond the tasting room by guiding customers on wine and food pairings.

“Discovering that magical combination of two different tastes when combined together … create a balance between components of a dish and characteristics of a wine is truly magical,” she says.

Serrato says food and wine pairings enhance the dining experience, and the classic ones (e.g. blue cheese with port, lobster with chardonnay) represent the wisdom of history. Serrato used her expertise as a former banker (specializing in credit and investment underwriting) to create algorithms that provide consumers with recommendations on wine and food pairings based on their preferences. For instance, if you enter lasagna into the platform, you’ll get three personalized wine recommendations that pair well with this dish (if you’re not a white wine fan, you won’t receive white wine options). The platform will then also refer you to the sponsoring winery for potential purchases.